CS:GO Skins – An Overview of the Chop Shop Collection Weapons

Global Offensive released an impressive collection for gun enthusiasts. The collection comes with several creative construction-themed CS skins for the manly, ‘macho’ players who want to showcase their masculinity to fellow players. Read more below for an overview of the best ones from the Chop Shop Collection in CS:GO.

csgo skins chop shop

CS:GO Skins from the Chop Shop Collection – M249 Impact Drill

The M249 is known for being heavy duty as it is one of the two machine guns in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. The M249 Impact Drill skin features cool blue and grey and a mustard yellow accent for its finish. It doesn’t say much, but it screams macho all over.


  • Large magazine capacity / large ammo in reserve
  • Useful for fighting groups of opponents
  • Great for firing through walls
  • High damage
  • Can instantly kill targets with headshots


  • Expensive cost for the weapon and ammo
  • High recoil when continuously firing this weapon
  • Inaccurate at long ranges
  • Long reload time
  • Heavy weight

CS:GO Skins from the Chop Shop Collection – Dual Berettas Duelist

The Dual Berettas Duelist looks pretty regal in its own. In this skin, the Dual Berettas sport a royal blue finish imbued with an intricate floral pattern on their grips. It’s royal, classy, and the very definition of ‘dressed to kill’, perfect for CS items collectors who want to shoot enemies with style.


  • High rate of fire
  • Double the firepower from a single pistol
  • Large magazine size
  • High reserve ammunition
  • Low recoil and spread
  • Lightweight


  • Low accuracy
  • Long reload time
  • Relatively short accurate range
  • Magazine drains faster compared to using a single pistol

CS:GO Skins from the Chop Shop Collection – M4A1-S Hot Rod

The M4A1-S Hot Rod is called ‘hot’ for a reason. It has a hot, bright red finish, reminiscent of passion and fire. This suits players who like flashy skins for their weapons. The redness of this M4A1-S variation is no joke!


  • Silencer is available
  • More accurate when moving
  • Better recoil control
  • No tracers if the silencer is attached
  • Less damage falloff


  • Smaller magazine and less reserve ammo
  • Greater length with a silencer attached
  • More expensive than the M4A4

CS:GO Skins from the Chop Shop Collection – MAC-10 Fade

The Fade skins collections are actually very popular (probably even overhyped for), but the MAC-10 Fade proves why it deserves to be. The MAC-10 Fade showcases a chromatic, rainbow-colored body that makes it stand out among the rest.


  • Very high rate of fire
  • Medium damage
  • Cheap
  • Lightweight
  • Short reload


  • Bad accuracy
  • High recoil
  • Poor armor penetration
  • Long reload time

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