CSGO Keys – Characteristics of a Good Map


When we say good map, probably de_dust2 comes to mind first. It is balanced, each part of the map is unique and aesthetic designs do not intervene in the gameplay.

Most of the new maps in counter strike global offensive fail to follow these factors. Some new maps do not have the uniqueness in a certain spot, while some maps like de_dust2 has uniqueness to each area, which makes communication and shot calling within the team easier.

CSGO Keys: Balance

Balance is the most important feature of every map. A map without balance is not a counter strike map. Counter strike maps are renowned to have balanced maps.

In some official counter strike global offensive maps, the counter terrorist spawn and terrorist spawn are mirrored to each other, which renders balance in terms of travel, positioning and viable strategies.

Uniqueness of Every Part

Communication is essential in counter strike, especially in competitive matches. And being able to define a certain spot’s location with ease improves the communication within the team a lot. Wherein, players won’t have to define a certain position through saying “it is close to bombsite A.” If there is uniqueness in specific spot, players could simply say “it is on goose, bombsite A.”



Imagine if the map’s aesthetic could also be customized like cs go skins. Still Aesthetic is the last thing we want from maps. We want mechanically good maps.

A map with fine design is good as long as it does not intervene in the gameplay. Example: if the scenario maker is going to insert an object, it should be in line with its hit box. Or it will confuse a lot of players and will result into imbalance match.


Discuss what you think about new and old counter strike global offensive maps with csgo keys holders.