The Coach Role for Competitive CSGO Keys Holders


Coaches are like cs go boosting for professional players.

Coaching role often gathers tons of questions from viewer, like what does a coach do? Does a coach play better than its players? If so, why do they have to step down and watch the players play?

Basically, being a coach and being a player is two different worlds. It is not the same. A person who is not good at the game does not mean he can’t be a coach, while a player who is good at the game cannot always be a coach. It kind of twisted, but it is how it works.

CSGO Keys: Coach


A professional player can improvise a strategy, point out a team mate’s mistake, etc… A professional player can do the job of a coach, so why hire a coach? It is possible for a professional player to become a coach, but a professional player could not be a player and a coach at the same time. Professional players are focused on their game. Sometimes it gets emotional that they lost their rational side, which nullifies them from thinking rationally, while a coach is separated from the game’s emotional side and can think rationally straight, thus gives a god’s point of view regarding each player’s performance.


Maintaining a positive atmosphere within the team is one of the coach’s essential jobs. Each player has its own pride. They are not going to accept their mistake if it is pointed by their team mate and the coach job is to make a player admit his mistake. The coach is like a judge on a team, deciding on everything game related.

Qualities of a Good Coach

There is a low chance of a professional player becoming a coach, and coaching his team mates because as a team mate the level is equal. Wherein, a coach always has to be in the higher position. In other words, a coach must be well respected by all the team’s members.


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