In-Human Reaction Time for CSGO Keys Holders


Is it possible for a casual player to par with professional player’s reaction? A casual player only plays whenever he/she wants, while a professional player has daily routine to follow in order to maintain consistent game mechanics, especially reflexes. The thing is: is it possible for a casual player to improve his/her reflexes? Theoretically, it is impossible. Guided by proper training, it is technically possible.

In this article, we are going to talk about how to improve one’s reflexes or be able to compete against a player with fast reflexes.

CSGO Keys: Comprehending Mechanics

Even with the world’s slowest reflexes could compete against the world’s fastest reflexes, so long that the person with slow reflexes is expecting the outcome. In other words, if you are against a person with faster reflexes, it is still possible to exceed his reaction time through accurately calculating the outcome. Therefore, understanding how counter strike works is the first step on making accurate predictions. Example, the technique – strafing makes a player’s movement predictable, as the pattern is easy to predict through focusing on the player’s fire rate. If the enemy fires, expect him to move in the opposite direction, as that is how strafing works: fire-opposite direction-fire-repeat.

Mistakes as Building Blocks


It is frustrating to die, thus, realizing the mistake upon dying. It is fine. It means you are still concern about mistakes. What’s not good is blaming dying because of lag and team mates. It is the worse reason of dying. Even if you are lagging, do not ever make a habit of blaming the connection, as it hinders one’s realization of mistake, turning a blind eye to reality.

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Practice is key. But as a casual player, it is better to comprehend the game mechanics first before practice.  Remember: even if you are the human being with the slowest reflexes, you can react to things really fast if you are expecting it.


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