The Gameplay Horror of CSGO Keys Collectors


The most annoying thing for a gamer is not being able to perform at peak whenever. It goes randomly, like a call of nature or taking a dump. There are times that a player is playing at its peak. There are times that a player suck. And there are times that a player plays in a normal state, not good, not bad, just neutral.

Is it even possible to perform really well whenever a player wants to?

Basically, a normal person could not possibly turn the switch ‘ON’ whenever he wants to. A player can only increase his skill level in order to play well at all times.

CSGO Keys: Muscle Memory

Do not ever neglect muscle memory on practice. It serves as sustain for the player’s skill, to be able to play consistently. Neglecting muscle memory is the primary reason why players play inconsistently, it goes like, sometimes they are better, but sometimes they are bad.

Before getting into hard core solo queue all day, get into shape through practicing on a training map, shooting red dots. Train for 15-30 minutes. Be wary that when ignored, muscle memory could easily be lost by not playing counter strike or being inactive for a week. High level players tend to lose their muscle memory through not playing counter strike for a single day.

Note: You have to stick at the same visual. If you are using cs go skins, you have to use the same csgoskins over and over.

Physical Warm-Up


Counter Strike global offensive is almost a physical sport, as it requires fast reflexes. The only difference is that it does not take much energy and the players do not sweat.

With a passive body, a person’s reflexes is as a good as dull. Go outside, take some morning sunshine, and do something physical.


It is difficult to play at peak whenever a person needs to, but it is not impossible. Raising a player’s skill cap is the only way that assures better performance. However, as the player’s performance goes high, the player’s peak performance goes also high. It is a never ending cycle of playing as best.


Discuss what you think about peak performance with csgo keys collectors.

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