CSGO Keys – Scamming in CS Global Offensive


Everybody wants a free cs go skins. And they get it through scamming.

In this article, we are not going to talk about types of scamming and how to avoid, but instead we are going to look at scamming as a whole in the perspective of both the scammer and the victim.

The internet is a vast world full of amazing people: bad guys and good guys. Wherein, the internet is good because good people are in it, while the internet is bad because bad people lurk in it. Therefore, the internet is neither good nor bad. It is neutral. If something happened to the user, either good or bad, it is not the internet’s fault, but the user’s.


CSGO Keys: Scamming

What is scamming? Basically, scamming is a transaction where the other party did not get what he/she supposed to get. Scamming always happens through a person tricking another person. Scammer’s preys are those naïve people. Who are clueless about how a specific transaction works.

The internet is full of scammers, specifically internet goods or online game items. Why? If a person got scammed in real life, the person could simply chase the scammer, while in the internet has a boundary – distance.

They Prey on the Weak

If they are going to look for potential victims, these are naïve people. Most of the time, these are kids.

If you have not scammed yet, that is good. But if you want to be safe, visit the report section of csgo forums and gather information about scammer’s schemes, so that you will never fall on it in the near future.


Be thankful because you have learned a valuable lesson in life. Be grateful that it did not happened in your bank account, family, or yourself.


Discuss what you think about scamming in counter strike global offensive with csgo keys collectors.