CSGO Keys Guide – Top Smoke Screen Spots


The most important factor in counter strike is not guns with cs go skins, definitely not the character sprite, neither being a counter terrorist nor a terrorist, but the time frame of exposed hit box. The moment a player exposes it to an enemy is the time frame where hit boxes are exposed. The more hit boxes are exposed, the easier it is to hit. Being exposed and seeing an enemy exposed revolves around positioning which guided by aiming for a successful kill.

In counter strike or any first person shooter, acquiring vision and denying vision is the most essential mechanic.

Smoke grenade is a utility that if used correctly, it denies opponent’s vision.

CSGO Keys: De_Train – BombSite Lower Entry

Bombsite lower entry is a downward ramp upon entering bombsite B, thus makes a huge disadvantage against any player who enter via lower entry to bombsite B as it shows exposes the character’s foot before even seeing the camper. For the terrorist, bombsite’s lower entry is almost impossible to breach, especially if the counter terrorist team focused their defense on bombsite B.

Flash grenade is a viable tool to deny the counter terrorist vision, allowing a terrorist to dash through a safe spot. However, smoke grenade is the most ideal grenade to block the counter terrorist’s vision because flash grenade could still be dodged if the adversary has fast reaction speed. The enemy would simply look away and swiftly turn crosshair back. Smoke grenades cannot be denied and remain on the same spot for sufficient amount of time.

De_dust2 – Long A Cross


Bombsite A is a balanced map. Wherein, terrorist has a wall, while counter terrorist has boxes. Since terrorist is on the offensive side, counter terrorist could definitely get a good AWP position that peeks from CT mid to Long A.

Smoke Grenade

Personally, smoke grenade is the God of grenades. Smoke grenade last longer than any grenade. Additionally, smoke grenade can dispel Molotov.


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