CSGO Market – AWP Introduction


AWP is a very powerful weapon in counter strike. In counter strike global offensive, AWP has cool cs go skins.

AWP is a powerful weapon, capable of killing enemies instantly through pinpoint accuracy. The AWP is a well respected weapon that its existence could change the rotation of players around the map.

In the history of counter strike, AWP has been considered as very powerful, resulting into reducing the reward money upon killing a player. The reward money used to be $300 and up, but in counter strike global offensive it is $100 per kill, which unable a player to purchase AWP in every single round, even if the AWPER kills 5 players in a single round.

CSGO market: Damage

The AWP is powerful. It instantly kills an enemy upon hitting them on head, body shoulders and stomach. It takes two shots to kill an opponent if aimed at leg and feet.

AWP is capable of piercing through wood or even flesh. However, it deals less damage.


There are only limited spots where a player could efficient use the AWP. Once a good AWPER is in position, a specific spot is as good as secured, even if the enemy are to siege it, there will be heavy casualty on the team who tried to breach a good AWPER. This is one of the reasons why an existence of an AWP within any map changes the rotation of the game because players tend to avoid a spot where an AWPER usually camps.



AWP is a valuable weapon. However, we often see a player dropping an AWP switching into Ak-47. There are situations where winning weighs more than a single AWP.

The main strategy of being an AWPER is to block a certain entrance in a map, where the enemy becomes skeptical to go because of the AWP’s presence, turning them into another route, which guarded by most of the AWPER’s team mate. Thus, the enemy plays into your hands.


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