Practice Makes Perfect for CSGO market Shoppers Part 2


In this part, we are going to talk about part 2 of practicing in cs go steam.

First part is all about exploring the game. It is hard to learn specific techniques without exploring the game. It is like walking in a cave without an illumination.

In this part, we are going to learn some specific techniques in counter strike: crosshair placement, awareness, and learning the guns and maps.

CS:GO market: Crosshair Placement

Ever experienced being cheated, like a moment where being killed instantly for 0.5 seconds when peeping. The opponent seems like cheating, but in fact it is not. He just placed his crosshair before every encounter. It is pure game knowledge, being able to know where to put the crosshair, putting it into a spot where the enemy is most likely to appear.

Corners are the most probable spot. Since counter strike’s aiming works perfectly when not moving, players often camp whenever a conflict or panic rises. It is better to camp than to keep moving when in panic, resulting into corners as popular spot.



Most beginners’ vision is limited to their main camera. They do not look at the big picture – the radar.

The radar shows all vital information. If the bomb is dropped, a counter terrorist can see where the bomb. It is vital information where a player could grasp the game’s rotation. Additionally, the radar shows what an ally has seen. Take for example if an ally sees an enemy, it will automatically appear at the radar within the team.

Learn the Guns

Guns are what counter strike unique. In other first person shooter, guns only varies in damage and ammo capacity, while in counter strike, each gun is a new adventure of learning.

The main guns to familiarize for new players are Ak-47, M4A4, and AWP. These are the basic guns. Do not go into competitive mode without learning any of these!  For God’s sake please do not.

Submachine guns are easier to use.


Discuss what you think about these basic techniques with csgo market shoppers.

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