Betting Guide for CS:GO market Shoppers Part 2


When we hear the word “betting,” the first thing that comes in to our mind is luck. In counter strike global offensive betting system, luck is a factor in betting, but not the main factor, as the main factor is team analysis.

Betting is not all about getting free cs skins, although it is made for that purpose. In the world, of professional gamers, enigmatic events often occur, and that is what makes betting interesting.

How to Bet for CS:GO market Shoppers: Know the Team’s Capability

This is where you will utilize your analytic capability, scrutinizing each team, their weaknesses, strengths, proficiency in a certain map, and consistency.

At the moment, according to the community of cs:go market shoppers’ community, fnatic is the best team. They have won more than any average team in the league. However, there are times that even the best teams lose to underdogs.

The teams work like rock, paper, and scissors. Worse teams in the league could upset the best teams. Fnatic is the best team, but they are not indestructible, they also lose, even in the worse team in the tournaments. It works like: if fnatic is strong against tsm, while tsm is strong against NiP. Therefore, fnatic is weak against NiP. It does not work specifically the same as the example. It is simply an overview about how things work. Or there is no best team yet. Probably, even these teams are playing rock, paper, and scissors when it comes to countering strategy.

How to Bet for CS:GO market Shoppers: the Odds

In betting, expect to be frustrated. There are a lot of unexpected things to happen, and this makes electronic sports interesting.

Thereon, do not all in, do not bet all your valuables in just one go, as even the worse team could defeat the best team.

How to Bet for CS:GO market Shoppers: Become an E-Sports Fan

It is all about analysis. Becoming an electronic sports fan is a cheap ticket to be a good team analyzer. Instinctively, you could predict that fnatic will lose to TSM, or TSM will lose to NiP.


In the cs:go marketplace, there are e-sports fans. Interact with them, and execute cs:go trading with them.

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