Basic Communication Guide for CS:GO market Shoppers


Communication is probably disregarded during casual play, but in competitive matches, communication is the key on getting a hot streak, or even winning every time. Coordination is as important as aiming, positioning can out power aiming, as good coordinated movements produce clever positioning.

Feel free to ignore communication during casual play, because casual play is an arena where you improve aiming not communication.

In this article we are going to talk about the basics of communication in csgo

Basic Communication Guide for CS:GO market Shoppers: Chatting

The most basic form of communication possible without external hardware is chatting. When chatting, csgo has two channels: pressing Y button will allow you to access the channel for all the players in the current game and pressing U will let you access the channel for your team. Usually, all chat is where trash talk comes from, and other irrelevant conversation about current game. On the other hand, team chat is where important conversations take place, conversation such as strategy and coordination. However, chatting might be convenient, but it is not fast.

Basic Communication Guide for CS:GO market Shoppers: Using the Microphone

Utilization of microphone is the fastest and most reliable form of communication in csgo. It is a form of communication that let you hold your mouse and keep on running or returning fire while communicating with team mates, very reliable, especially, in competitive matches. As a default, the hotkey for activating the microphone is K, which is far away from the movement keys; you can reposition this hotkey, and put it to where it is convenient for you and easy to access.

There are moments where people abuse the microphone. These are the people that you probably don’t want to hear at all. This folks are the noisy ones. To stop hearing their pesky voices, simply open the tab, right click their name, and select mute.

Basic Communication Guide for CS:GO market Shoppers: The Radio Voices

The radio voices are a quick voice over such as “enemy spotted!” If playing with bots, these radio voices are convenient to use, only bots take these radio voices seriously. Radio voices are often ignored both in competitive and casual matches.


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