Some Tips for Competitive Matches for CS:GO market Shoppers


The truth is harsh. People are having a hard time accepting the reality in front of them. It is just, things don’t go the way we wanted it to be. Take for example the competitive system and a player’s rank in counter strike global offensive. The system is honest. If you got eagle for your provision, that is how it is. If you got silver 1, the system didn’t cheat, that is how the system calculated how you played, and how lucky you are.

Some players say: rank does not matter, some people are just way too lucky to reach master class. It is true. But being lucky is part of the game too. For some players, it is not. They rely pretty much on their own talent and skill. They are the ones who carry the team to victory – a potential e-sports player.

Tips for CS:GO market Shoppers: Never Give Up

Remember counter strike is not an RPG. It does not rely on the player’s status points and equipments. Primarily, it relies on the player skill and talent. In fact, you can wipe the opposing team on your own. It happens a lot in tournaments, or even in world championships.

If your team gave up: became AFK, don’t give in. Just keep on playing, do your best. When your team saw that you are playing really well, they might go back to the game.

Tips for CS:GO market Shoppers: Don’t be Salty

Faith and team communication are relative. Have faith in your team. Don’t be salty when they made a mistake, as everybody does. If they are doing something wrong, tell them in a nice way. You don’t have to be mean about anything else.

If you can’t control your temper, go out there; stop playing counter strike for a while. All you need is a break.

Tips for CS:GO market Shoppers: Listen

Communication is essential. If you can’t keep up with other player’s skill, listen and follow their lead. Don’t play as if you are taking a stroll in a mall. In cs:go, some player adopt a composition. It is a strategy, and it needs to roles. All you have to do is fulfill your assigned role. If your team still loses, it is not your fault. You are just unfortunate.


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