Tips on Competitive Gameplay for CS:GO Market Shoppers


When you started playing counter strike global offensive for the first time, how did you feel? Does it entice you, are you feeling anxious at the time, or is it just you are simply feeling wonderful? Probably, most of the players are feeling wonderful, as they are about to try a new game, a new world.

But when you started playing rank game, the game started to became different: the pressure, ranking down, taking care of your MMR. For you, it is not a game anymore.

Rank Game Tips for CS:GO Market Shoppers: Tilting

Having a losing streak on rank game does not feel great. In fact, losing is discouraging. Losing reduces the efficiency of your gameplay. You will miss a lot of shots, poor choice of opportunity, as a result, giving the opposing team a huge advantage over economy and all factors that affect the game. With just your mental state, it could degrade your rank to silver.

There are two things you could do when tilting. It is either you stop playing the game, or get used to it.

If you happen to have a bad day, and decided to play rank game on counter strike global offensive, think again. Your mental state affects your performance. Try a casual game first before playing competitive mode.

Rank Game Tips for CS:GO Market Shoppers: Team Work

Players’ skill and team work are relative. Yes, if you are really good, you can wipe 5 players alone. But what if they are as good as you? It is where team work comes in, a tie breaker between good players: how professional players compose/collaborate a strategy that fits their gameplay accordingly against the opposing team’s strategy.

Rank Game Tips for CS:GO Market Shoppers: Composure

Counter strike global offensive is a skill based game. Strategy rarely affects the game. A good performance goes first before a good strategy. Without a player’s outstanding performance, an outstanding strategy is futile. If you lose composure, you degrade your performance. Therefore, you lose the game.

To stay composed all throughout the game: before playing a competitive match, it is important to have a warm up first – play a casual game.


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