De_dust2 AWP Guide for CS:GO market Shoppers Part 2


The same as the first part, we are going to focus on the bomb site A. It is a place where AWP users would have enormous advantage against other players. Bomb site A has a vast area enabling snipers to take full advantage of utilizing its vast space in order to execute efficient positioning; resulting into easy kills using AWP.

When against another snipers, always remember positioning beats all, even if the other sniper has the upper hand in aiming.

AWP Guide for CS:GO market Shoppers: Rushing

Imagine playing as counter terrorist. The ‘double doors’ is where you will meet the enemy AWPER. But there are instances where you will not cross paths. In this case, the enemy is probably having an economical disadvantage, resulting into insufficient money to purchase AWP. Your team has the upper hand on this round, as the other team does not have a sniper. To take full advantage of this: it is either you will play aggressively or defend some specific spots.

Playing aggressively as an AWPER has many risks: AWP is a ranged weapon, often outclassed by sub machine guns and automatic rifles, although, there are also a lot of advantages: completely wiping the enemy, unexpected.

Rushing bomb site A’s double doors is all about peeking efficiently. An enemy has limited spots when camping, take for example the bomb site a’s double doors: he could be hiding behind the right door or the left door or even the box on the left, memorize these spots and you are good to rush, of course, including the outside.

AWP Guide for CS:GO market Shoppers: Angles

There are certain angles where an enemy could see you and you can’t see him. It happens when you are standing next to an object very close. Therefore, try to stay away from objects when peeking. If you really need to peek badly, do it quickly.

AWP Guide for CS:GO market Shoppers: Smoke on Cars

The spot where cars are dumped, it is a good spot, you could see the whole bombsite a. If you could see lots of spots, the enemy could also see you on these spots. Thereon, deploying a smoke grenade on a spot where you think you are vulnerable increases your chance of survival.


Interact with cs:go market shoppers in the cs:go marketplace where cs:go trading occurs

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