De_dust2 AWP Guide for CS:GO skins Collectors Part 3


AWP is considered over powered by the cs:go skins community which why the developers made it really expensive an reducing its kill reward. Therefore, you do not buy AWP to gain money, but the realistic goal is to win succeeding rounds.

Almost all of the rounds in competitive matches are economy rounds, rounds that main goal is to gain economy advantage over the enemy. The real match starts, when both teams have an AWPER. If a team bought an AWPER, it means that that team is desperate to win.

AWP Guide for CS:GO skins Collectors: Positioning

For beginners it is fine to focus on improving aiming, ignoring positioning. But when you have tremendously improved on aiming, it is probably time to practice positioning. It is common mistake; players tend to ignore positioning all the time, resulting into grave disadvantage against other AWPERS. No matter how superior you are at aiming, player with good positioning will still shut you down.

Patience and game’s flow knowledge are the main ingredients of positioning. Being aware of the game’s flow allows you to predict that the enemy is going this way, and allowing you to camp on the right spot.

AWP Guide for CS:GO skins Collectors: AWP Duel at the Middle

The double doors at the middle, it is a widely known spot for terrorist to get a free kill using AWP. In this spot, terrorist AWPER always have the advantage, as at the start of each round, terrorist do not need to travel, they are already there, while counter terrorist’s AWPER need to travel, thus, a huge advantage for the counter terrorist AWPER.

However, you could turn this disadvantage to your favor through throwing a flash grenade before peeking in the middle’s double door. The terrorist AWPER could not dodge that flash because he is probably on double scoped, where his vision of the flash being threw is not visible.

AWP Guide for CS:GO skins Collectors: Grenades

If you are an AWPER do not conserve grenades, remember you are holding one of the most expensive weapons in counter strike. You must utilize all the means to survive.


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