Desert Eagle Guide for CSGO market Shoppers Part 2


With the release of R8 revolver, desert eagle fades into the player’s mind as if it does not exist. Surely, nobody is going to use it now, since in terms of damage, r8 revolver is better than desert eagle. In terms of damage, R8 revolver still outclasses desert eagle.

In this article, we are going to talk about desert eagle accuracy, and when to use desert eagle.

CSGO market: Accuracy Tutorial

Treat desert eagle as an AWP. When shooting, do not move for accurate shots. However, being static makes a player an easy target, and dies easily. It is where strafing comes. Strafing is technique that allows a player to aim accurate while moving at the same time.

Strafing is taking advantage of the pause upon changing direction. Example: while side stepping to the left and upon changing direct fire the desert eagle. Congratulation, you have done strafing.

Strafing takes a lot of practice.

When to Use Desert Eagle

There are terms to use desert eagle. Having cs go skins for desert eagle does not mean that you have to use desert eagle all the time.

Desert eagle may seem a good choice in the first round, but actually it is a bad choice because nothing is special in the first round, as everybody dies in a single shot in the head, lacking armor.

Consider using desert eagle during economy mode. Economy mode is where players buy close range weapon, while desert eagle is both long range and close range.

Pistol Round


If playing on a large map, desert eagle is a viable choice, as desert eagle outclasses most pistols in long range shootouts. Wherein, some pistols’ damage is reduced due to the range, desert eagle stays the same.

The pistol round is actually not an important round. Desert eagle is only used on valuable rounds and trolling rounds.


In conclusion, desert eagle is not a viable pistol for now. Wait for the developers to revamp it. Or they will remove it instead of making the effort to nothing


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