Economy Guide for CSGO market Shoppers Part 5


In the previous article we broke down the essential parts of second round. It is an economy round. Players are desperate to manipulate the economy and use it as an advantage in the mid game, and late game.

In this article we are going to dissect the third round. If the second round is an economy round, then, what is the third round?

Economy Guide CS:GO market: Third Round

Strategically, this round is situational. The team’s plan depends on what happened on round one, and two. Did your team lost or won in a row? Whoever controls the first two rounds is capable of manipulating both the game and economy. The winner of round one and two is the decision maker of what will happen in the fourth round. Because, winning in a row gives a team a lot of money for buying armor and weapons. A hot streak team’s call if they are going to full buy or light buy in the third round. Wherein, full buying in the third round is risky. It is like you are giving the opponent an opportunity to steal your high end equipments. Most likely, team with a 2 lose in a row will light buy. Therefore, it is advisable for your team to light buy also, as there will be no economic lost when you lose, because your team has the same weapons with the enemy team.

Economy Guide CS:GO market: Light Buy Round

Whether your team lost in a row or win in a row, most likely, your team would want to light buy in this round. If you lost in a row, your team will have to light buy, because there is a probability that the other team has a lot of money, capable of buying high end weapons. To win economically, your team needs to steal these high end weapons through beating them with cheap weapons.

In conclusion, if you are winning, predict what the enemy team will be buying, and if losing, try to steal weapons through using cheap ones.

Economy Guide CS:GO market: It is a Mind Game

Basically, it is a mind game. In the war of economy, the one who has good intuition wins.


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