Economy Guide for CS:GO market Shoppers Part 2


In terms of economy, there are only two kinds of weapon: the economy weapons, and expensive, yet powerful weapons. Worthless weapons are not developed to become worthless. These weapons are called economy weapons by players. On the other hand, there are strong weapons, surprisingly, these weapons are also very comfortable to use. These weapons are expensive, though.

In this part, we are going to discuss on how economy weapons, and expensive weapons work.

Economy Guide for CS:GO market Shoppers: Economy Weapons

These weapon are cheap, and not comfortable to use, or very frustrating to use. However, these weapons give a extra money when a player kills someone with it. Money is good. Some professional teams are using economy weapons as their strategy to manipulate the game’s economy. But, isn’t the team who uses economy weapons loses? Basically, yes, but, suppose that your team is in a situation where you have not enough money to buy a decent weapon. Instead of losing bitterly, without getting a thing, take the chance to equip a shotgun, and try to kill someone, when you succeed you’ll have bonus money for the next round.

Economy Guide for CS:GO market Shoppers: Expensive Weapons

Ak-47, AWP, and M4A4 are weapons, very powerful, and very comfortable to use. These weapons are expensive, though. Equipping weapons you are most comfortable with, provide a high chance of winning a round, if lucky, a winning streak.

Economy Guide for CS:GO market Shoppers: Losing in a row

A team losing in a row has bonus money. Professional teams utilize this concept in competitive matches. Especially when they are playing as terrorists, every round, they will selfishly plant the bomb, even if they lose, because planting a bomb provide money, and when counter terrorists defused it, the terrorist will gain bonus money. Strange is not it? Afterwards, the counter terrorist team will be surprised that the terrorists who have been selfishly planting the bomb and kept on losing, still, manage to get themselves a handful of AWP, people with ak-47. The counter terrorist team didn’t know, the terrorist were managing their economy.


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