Economy Guide for CS:GO market Shoppers Part 7


As discussed in the previous articles, first to fourth round is the early game. These rounds are economy rounds. Both teams are struggling to manipulate the economy. In the previous articles, we discussed the capital bonus when a player killed someone with economy weapons, bonus money is received. Take note that not all economy weapons provide bonus money.

In this article, we are going to review the discussion, and see how to use it to your team’s advantage.

Economy Guide for CS:GO market Shoppers: First Round to Second Round

Basically, the first and second rounds are economy rounds. Economy round is where both teams are buying cheap weapons or economy weapons. If a team fluctuate the economy early on the second round, it is risky. What if your team loses and the enemy team stole your weapon? It will be a disaster in the mid game, as your team does not have the capital to return fire with the enemy. A lack of capital is basically a lack of firepower. Yes, you can also steal their high end weapons during the mid game, but you will have a very low chance.

Both of these rounds are known to be as pistol rounds. Usually, people are using pistols in this round for the economy, or they simply cannot afford any weapon at the moment because at the first round everyone only has $800.

Economy Guide for CS:GO market Shoppers: Third to Fourth Round

The third to fourth rounds are like mind game. You may surprise the enemy in the third round, buying high end weapon. It is not just a mind game because of surprise buys. It is a mind game. Because there are weapons work well with armor, and weapons who does work with enemy on armor.

If your plan of surprise buy succeed, snowballing the fourth round will be easy.

Economy Guide for CS:GO market Shoppers: Conclusion

For playing it safe, abide the standards, and avoid surprise buys. If your team has a lot of confidence try a surprise buy, and snowball on the fourth round until mid game.


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