CSGO market – Complete Guide to Competitive Solo Queue


Competitive solo queue is stressful because a player’s rank is on the line, the rank that determines a player’s skill, which determines his social value in the counter strike community. Therefore, players are taking it way too seriously.

Counter strike is a team game. Basically, a competent player has to deal with normal people and cyber monkeys. When it comes to dealing with cyber monkeys, patience is the key. Remember, they are monkeys.

CSGO market: Dealing with Cyber Monkeys


If you are playing solo queue with friends, your perspective on solo queue might be fulfilling. If you do not have a friend, your solo queue experience must have been a tour in a zoo.

Again, you are playing with monkeys. They do not grasp logic and rationality. They only care about one thing – to piss you off. If this is the case, it is better to turn off all communication modes: mic and chat bar. A human being may not be able to verbally exchange information, but a human being can synchronize with an animal’s movement, allowing them to achieve fruitful actions that will later turn into winning the game.

Self Criticize

While you are teamed with monkeys, do not forget that you are also a half breed of monkey and a human being. As a result, your monkey instinct is tingling that makes you blame your team mates upon dying.

Here the thing: if you die, it may be your team mate’s fault, but 80% of the time it is your fault.

Self criticizing is painful. Do anything that may ease the pain: drink beer, buy cs go skins.


When playing, turn off all communication channels to mainly focus on the game instead of being emotional over your team mates.

Upon dying, do not just wait the your re-spawn – Think. What could you have done better?


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