[Beginner’s Guide] A Fresh Start-up for CS:GO market shoppers


Before starting counter strike global offensive, there are few things to consider. The common game modes that are frequently played by players, difference between counter terrorist and terrorist, and shooting mechanics.

A Fresh Start-up for CS:GO market shoppers: Common Game Modes


The popular game modes are “defuse” and “hostage rescue”. These modes are frequently played in competitive mode and usually standard modes for tournaments.

The defuse mode is where terrorists having a bomb in hand and plant in the designated spot in the map, as counter terrorists are obliged to defuse the bomb, if fail to do so, the terrorist will be victorious, even if the terrorists are wiped out. In this mode, the noticeable starting points of both teams have disadvantages and advantages. In every map, terrorists are always the first team to reach the bomb site, but in their side there are a lot of bad positions.

Counter terrorists on the other hand have the advantage against terrorists in terms of positions, but their starting point is pretty far away from the bomb site.

The “hostage rescue” is pretty simple. The counter terrorist must rescue the hostages from the terrorist or kill all the terrorists to achieve victory. The terrorist must defend the hostages from the counter terrorist or kill the opposing team’s members.

In this mode, the terrorists are on defensive mode, while counter terrorist are on the offensive. The same as “defuse mode” there are also pros and cons for each team. For the counter terrorists, they have the advantage when it comes to territory; they own most the map’s parts, where terrorist cannot simply wander around. As for the terrorist they own a specific spot and it gives them an advantage through “camping” the area.


A Fresh Start-up for CS:GO market shoppers: Counter Terrorist Vs Terrorist


The counter terrorists have the access to accurate weapons, but quite expensive. While the terrorists have weapons that are fairly cheap, but inaccurate compare to counter terrorists

A Fresh Start-up for CS:GO market shoppers: Shooting Mechanics

Keep in mind that weapons require a lot of personal experiences to use efficiently, weapons are not the same.

According to the community of CSGO, the game’s aiming system is quite hard for new players.

Take time to learn each gun and the game.


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