In-Depth Grenade Guide for CS:GO market Shoppers Part 6


Highly explosive grenade is the game’s most used grenade. It is a grenade that simply explodes and deals damage depending on the victim’s proximity and whether with armor or without armor. Low skilled players randomly throw a grenade, more or less; they often miss and waste the grenade.

In this article, we will discuss the efficiency of HE grenade and how to use them.

Grenade Guide for CS:GO market Shoppers: Gross Damage

HE grenade’s damage is purely dependent in the target’s distance and armor significantly reduces the grenade’s damage. An armored player may not take a lot of health damage, but the armor itself is assured to be severely damage. Suppose, a grenade suddenly explodes in front of your face, very close, with armor you will receive 40% less damage, but without armor, it deals 90 health damage. Buying armor is definitely worth it.

To further reduce the damage of HE grenades, if a grenade is thrown above you, simply crouch, and if it is thrown at your feet, jump. This can be learned instinctively. Through jumping and crouching away from a grenade, it will reduce damage, but it does not reduce the damage a lot. Sometimes, a player needs 1 health to win a shoot out or even a game. Practicing this will definitely increase one’s chance of survivability.

Grenade Guide for CS:GO market Shoppers: When to Throw a HE Grenade?

Throwing it randomly is easy. But throwing it with mechanics in mind makes it harder. When throwing a HE grenade simply don’t throw it in a spot where you are unsure. Instead, throw it where the enemy team is predicted to emerge. It may sound simply, but it is actually complicated. How do you predict where the opposing team will emerge? Memorize the map, play in both teams on the same map, calculate the travel distance in the neutral zone and test it out, if it didn’t work, recalculate. Experiment until it works.

Grenade Guide for CS:GO market Shoppers: Conclusion

The gross damage of highly explosive grenade is significantly reduced by armor and the player’s distance.

Throw a HE grenade to a spot where the opposing team is expected to emerge.


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