Kinds of Cheats for CS:GO market Shoppers


“Does cheats exist?” a beginner cs:go market shoppers says. Yes, cheats exist in counter strike global offensive. However, it is difficult for a beginner to determine if a player is a cheater or not. First of all, they do not have much knowledge about the game (positioning, wall bangs, etc…) lastly; they do not know a player’s skill peak, about how a player could achieve such skill.

There are many kinds of cheat in counter strike global offensive; the popular ones are aimbot, and wall hack.

Players who are good enough to be a suspicious cheater and a cheater who rarely use a hack is what confuses counter strike global offensive players.

Kinds of Cheat for CS:GO market Shoppers: Aimbot

Aimbot automatically aims player’s head, and the cheater will simply click the left mouse button, instantly, 5 opposing players are dead.

Take note that some aimbots could be activated and deactivated at a time. Wherein, another opposing player will have a hard time figuring if a certain player is using aimbot. Take for example: in the first round, the cheater is going to activate, and deactivates the cheat in the second round. It all depends on the user.

Kinds of Cheat for CS:GO market Shoppers: Wall Hack

Wall hack simply reveals enemies like wearing thermal goggles, predicting the enemy’s movement, and instantly figuring out if an enemy is camping on a certain spot.

Wall hack is not as abusive as aimbot. Wall hackers could still be killed. Undeniably, they have tremendous advantage against other players in terms of positioning and predictions.

Kinds of Cheat for CS:GO market Shoppers: Conclusion

In fathom, aimbot users are way disgusting than wall hack users. Aimbot users are sore losers, and desperate on winning, while wall hackers still has a passion to improve.

Either of the two, cheaters are losers, and brainless people. What is the purpose of playing a competitive game with the mind of taking advantage over other players? Cheaters are disgrace in the community gamers, not just disgrace, but virus.


Discuss what you think about aimbot, wall hack, and other forms of cheats in the community of cs:go market shoppers in the cs:go marketplace where cs:go trading folks interact!

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