[News] E-Sports Goes Strict for CS:GO market Shoppers


Valve implemented permanent ban professional players who participate in match fixing. Counter strike is a good game. It is one of the games who continuously running as electronic sport platform.

Counter strike is famous. Inherently, there is an always negative element that lurks behind the positive.

In this article, we are going to talk about gambling, corruptions, and factors that lurk behind a good and renowned game like counter strike. This controversy had not happened once, but many times.

E-Sports News for CS:GO market Shoppers: Gambling

In the past, we only have physical sports: basketball, tennis, badminton, you name it. Naturally, there is always a dream match, where two good players or good teams who have not meet yet are finally going to collide. No one could deny the excitement of watching two good players collide, and try their hardest to win.

It is so enticing that people are betting on who is going to win. Gambling came in. There is money involve. For some people money is everything, especially if a large sum of money is on the line. People who bet a lot of money for the match will do everything they can to get their money back double. And it is where match-fixing comes in.

E-Sports News for CS:GO market Shoppers:  Match-Fixing

Basically, match-fixing is bribing a professional player to lose on purpose. For the sake of money, a lot of people are willing to stain something.

Match fixing happened in Korea – starcraft. The player with the upper hand is going to lose on purpose because a lot of people have their money on that player, while someone is going to bet on the underrated one. Wherein, the match hasn’t yet started, but the winner has already been decided.

Gambling, betting, any kind of money making that concerns competitive are corruption.

E-Sports New for CS:GO market Shoppers: Conclusion

Gambling is the main root of problem. However, completely annihilating gambling is not the solution. It is more complex that just removing a single bad factor.

Valve found a solution – permanently banning involved players from match-fixing.


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