[Sub-Machine Gun] MP7 Overview for CS:GO market Shoppers


MP7 is the gun that replaced MP5, the all time favorite sub-machine gun. We don’t know the developer’s intention about why they replaced the lovely MP5 with MP7. Everyone feels at home using the old and trusty MP5. The developers are probably to get the game updated on the latest gun used by the military.

In this article we are going to talk about the capabilities, advantage, and disadvantage of the sub machine gun – MP7.

MP7 Overview for CS:GO market Shoppers: Capabilities

This gun has a maximum storage of 150 rounds per game. In csgo, it costs $1700, and it is both accessible to terrorist and counter terrorist. It gives $300 on every kill in casual game play, and $600, which is 50% higher than casual game play. The gun’s weight is light, allowing a player to move faster than other players with rifle. The weapon has a decent rate of fire.

MP7 Overview for CS:GO market Shoppers: Pros

MP7 is cheap. It is cheap, yet it is still a good gun, it offers advantages over expensive weapons such as: M4A4 or Ak-47

This gun’s accuracy is slightly higher than other sub machine guns, in terms of first bullet fired, which makes the MP7 capable of firing accurate shots even at a long distance.

It has a high rate of fire and at the same time very low recoil. There are only few sub machine guns in cs:go market with low recoil and decent rate of fire. The high rate of fire and controllable recoil is a super advantage over other guns. The rate of fire has something to do with damage per second, and low recoil improves accuracy.

MP7 Overview for CS:GO market Shoppers: Cons

In exchange for the high rate of fire, and low recoil, the gun’s damage is low. There are cases in competitive matches that you have landed 6 bullets in an enemy, but it is still alive, and kills you through head shot. It is really frustrating.

When sprayed, it magically hits random spots inside your cursor, definitely, don’t expect a headshot when spraying, except, you and your opponent has a very close proximity, where your cursor is capable of conquering the adversary’s head.


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