Glock-18 Vs USP-S Comparison for CS:GO market Users


Since the release of counter strike global offensive, valve had a revamp on how the pistols work. We do not know the specific details. it might be the recoil, or simply just the animation, even though it is just animation it can still change, and shake how the pistols work.

As a starting guide for pistols, we are going to compare glock and USP-S.

Glock is the starting weapon for terrorists

USP-S is the starting weapons for counter terrorists

Pistol Comparison for CS:GO market users: USP-S

The USP-S has a maximum of 12 bullets per magazine, with 24 reserve bullets from the start, total of 3 reloads. The pistol is compatible with a silencer. Some cs:go market users find it more accurate than without silencer. They believe that it is easier to inflict headshot with silencer on the pistol’s mouth. However, it is just a rumor, not proven by experts.

The damage is fairly high as a default pistol. It instantly kills an enemy if headshot, deals 140 damage on the head, overkill. While it deals only 70 damage on the head with helmet. Surprisingly, it has a low damage when aimed at the chest, and legs.

Pistol Comparison for CS:GO market users: Glock-18

The glock-18 has 20 bullets per magazine, with 40 reserve bullets from the start, total of 3 reloads. The pistol is capable of burst firing, releasing 3 bullets in 1 shot. It is like a mini shotgun when on burst firing mode.

In the later versions of counter strike, glock-18 cannot instantly kill a player with a headshot. Valve has probably realized that any pistol will kill a person if aimed at the head. They probably tested on some point in their life.

If not aimed at the head, it deals a very low damage.

Pistol Comparison for CS:GO market users: Conclusion

Basically, they are a default weapon, both balanced, same accuracy. But glock-18 is slightly more accurate than USP-S. However, USP-S is more powerful.

If a player is not good at inflicting headshot, USP-S is the weapon for that player, as it deals a lot of more damage than glock-18 from the stomach, and other parts of the body

If a player is a professional and can headshot enemies with ease, go for the glock-18. It has a lot of bullets, making a professional player increase the chance of headshots with those 20 bullets.

In the buying menu, both of these weapons are cheap in the cs:go market


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