Shotgun Guide for CS:GO market Shoppers Part 5


Basically, on bomb defusal mode, counter terrorists play as the defensive, while terrorists play the offensive. Wherein, the counter terrorists are always the first bunch to arrive at the bomb site, following the terrorists. Therefore, counter terrorists have the advantage due to the first team to secure an objective, while terrorist could strategize, and apply pressure through playing the mind game of splitting the team, 2 people will go to bombsite A and 3 people will go to bombsite B.

How does the matter of counter terrorist as defensive and terrorist as offensive relate to the shotgun? Essentially, shotguns are tools efficiently used as defensive tools. Overall, it is a camping tool, perfect for waiting on a corner, waiting for someone to pass by, and boom, shotgun to the face!

Shotgun Guide for CS:GO market Shoppers: Sawed-Off

According to war owl, sawed off shotgun is the worse shotgun of all, as it has huge spread which diminishes the potential damage on mid range and long range. For the terrorist, even though sawed off is cheap, it is still useless. As discussed, shotguns for terrorist are useless because most of the time, they play the offensive role. Shotguns are for defensive role. As a result, the sawed off is never used by terrorists.

If sawed off will be unlocked in the counter terrorist side, it might come handy. Even with its unreliability on mid range and long range, it does not matter for counter terrorist, as they will only use the shotgun to guard a certain spots, powerful shotguns are not necessary.

Shotgun Guide for CS:GO market Shoppers: Pros

It is cheap, furthermore, nothing else.

Shotgun Guide for CS:GO market Shoppers: Cons

Sawed-off costs $1200, nova costs $1200, therefore, what is the reason of existence of this gun? Nova is better than sawed off on all factors. Nova has the advantage over recoil, shot spread, and even ammo capacity.

Sawed off has a very large spread that diminishes its overall damage on mid range and long range.


Discuss what you think about this worthless piece of gun, wait, as long as it kills it is not worthless. Anyway, interact with cs:go market shoppers in the cs:go marketplace where certain cs:go trading occurs.

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