CSGO market – SMG Rework

csgo market counter strike global offensive

The csgo market also offers cs go skins for smg.

SMG got rework. These babies got valve’s attention. From their crappy sounds to sounds of harmony, and their recoil patterns are also changed.

Speaking of the gun sounds, they are much better and realistic. They don’t sound like plastic BB guns anymore.

In the competitive scene, the SMG is just a just weapon. It is an economical weapon. It is like pepsi, people take notice of it when coke is not available.

CSGO market – Economy Round

SMG is really good during economy rounds. Kill rewards are good and being killed with SMG in hand is not a well gained gun. Basically, it is a good gun with large benefit upon killing and less benefit for the enemy upon being killed.

SMG does not have a value in the buy rounds because this gun is directly thrown in the dumpter in the buy rounds.

Spray and Pray

Players often use this gun as spray and pray. It has a really low accuracy, but has a high rate of fire. It is like playing lottery with tons of tickets, while using Ak-47 is playing lottery but with less tickets. As a result, people use it for spray and pray purposes.

Sometimes, in the league of new players, it is better to use SMG than use AK-47 because this gun has a high chance of hitting than rifles. And positioning is a dead idea for new players, resulting of close to mid range shootout which is a win-win situation for SMG users.

Shooting while Running

With low recoil, SMG is capable of shooting while running (it is definitely the gun for new players). Furthermore, SMG also offers high mobility than rifles. This weapon is truly fantastic when rifle are not around. This is the pepsi of professional players. They use it when they can’t afford rifle.

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