De_dust2 Team Composition for CS:GO Market Shoppers Part 1


Team compositions are not noticeable on lower ranks. Players simply play individually, purely relying on aiming, and turning a blind eye on positioning.

In the upper ranks, however, team composition plays a major role. Wherein, it is the main root of trash talking, not playing the right strategy, resulting into frustration and heavy trash talking within the team. It is fine to trash talk though, just make sure that you have done the job well.

Team Composition for CS:GO market Shoppers: Getting Information

There are three paths in de_dust2: the path through bombsite A, the middle and the path through bombsite B. Basically, the team would want to send people on these three paths to gather information or reactions. In the first 30 seconds of the round, grenades are being thrown everywhere; these grenades are the team’s clue to get the lead on what the other team is up to. Be vigilant though, experienced enemies might throw a grenade to produce fake information.

Team Composition for CS:GO market Shoppers: Reactions

Upon sending people on the three paths, there will be reactions. There will be flashes, highly explosive grenade to be thrown on three paths. And it is where the mind game starts. Take for example: if someone throws a grenade in the path of bombsite B, it means that one or two people are going to beach bombsite B, when this happen, do not gather in that specific path, instead, breach the other spot, specifically, Bombsite A, because the upper hand is on the team who first secured the spot. Therefore, the best course of action is to take another spot.

Team Composition for CS:GO market Shoppers: Conclusion

Strategies are like theories. It is just a framework, strategies rarely works according to plan. It is why plan B, plan C, plan D and so on were terms invented to complete the strategy.


In summary, in order to gain advantage over positioning, determining enemy’s position through their disseminated grenades, thereon, a strategy on the reaction are formed.


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