Warming Up Guide for CSGO market Shoppers


According to someone, a human being only uses 10% or 30% (not sure) of his strength. It is why zombies are very strong in horror movies, because the T-virus or whatever virus turns the human brain’s limiter off, performing in 100%. If there is cs go skins for zombies, it would be really cool.

Alright, so what does a zombie and human brain’s limiter has to do with counter strike global offensive? Basically, it has the same concept. If not it varies depending on the person.

Warming up is like manually turning our own limiter.

In this article, we are going to talk about warming up before a tragic game.

CSGO market: The Big Difference

Ever experience hitting someone unexpectedly? Like holding an AWP and suddenly, out of a sudden someone is killed, like the body moved on its own? That is the feeling of warmed up. Playing in cold hands only lets the brain do all the work. But when a player is warmed up, the body helps the brain optimize overall performance.

Physical Warm Up

Let’s start with warming up the whole body first like doing some exercise, counting push-ups, sit-ups, anything that will get someone produce perspiration. This will remove the feeling of dullness. It works for almost everybody, but as said earlier when it does not taken effect to someone; it still varies on the person.

If laziness strikes, try playing musical instrument instead. Like the physical exercise this will remove the dullness in the hands, which will be used later in the real thing.

Game Warm Up


How does it feel? It is lighter than before right? Now, it is time to warm up in game and mechanically.

Play a familiar map with knife bots, and aim for the head. Do this for 30 minutes.

Afterwards, play the game, and enjoy!

Basically, warming up does not work for everybody. There are people that do not need to warm up, but most cases, people have to warm up in order to bring out their full potential.


Discuss your warming routine with csgo market shoppers.

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