A Closer Look to Competitive Matches for CS:GO skins Collectors


Counter strike is now one of the biggest games and features cs go case and skins for players!

Counter strike is one of the first games to be an electronic sports platform due to its dynamic mechanics, complex economy management, and balanced map scenario. Today, counter strike did not shrink like other first person shooters in the past, instead counters strike is not just counter strike, it is a global offensive now!

In this article, we are going to talk about the journey of counter strike in competitive matches to tournament matches.

CSGO skins Collectors: Casual


Casual gaming is where it started. It is where players learn how to hold a gun virtually. It is where players learn how to shoot virtually. It is where players learn how to position efficiently virtually. It is where players started to talk trash to each other. Counter strike was a good memory.

Starting from a game is the most fun part of the game. Learning the advantage and disadvantage of the game is much better than frustration of getting better each game.


Players laugh out their mistakes when they were new to the game, but when they entered competitive part of the game, they started to become frustrated, thus forgetting why they are playing counter strike in the first place – to have fun. Players play counter strike to enjoy, not a source of frustration. They are not even at championship yet, and they are already frustrated. Stepping on championship and failing is the greatest frustration of all.


Tournament or world championship is the dream of all aspiring e-sports players and competitive players alike. For them it is a sanctuary, making money through gaming. They do not know the pressure of players who perform in a great stage, thousands of eyes watching every move they make, criticizing for even the smallest mistakes.

Since failing in the world championship is the worst feeling of all, winning a world championship is the most rewarding for a gamer.


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