CSGO Skins: A Win For Cloud9

There’s always a first time for everything. And for eSports team Cloud 9, it was a very sweet first time, because they just won their first ever CSGO ESL Pro League, as well as $200,000 – imagine how many CSGO skins they can buy with that. But we’re not here to discuss that; instead, we’re here to relive the glory that is Cloud 9’s victory in one of the most prestigious CSGO tournaments.

One of the many reasons why C9’s victory was as meaningful as it is big is because they won against SK Gaming, at their very own home court: Brazil. The ones they beat are the reigning champions, as they’re the Pro League Season 3 Major champions, so to win against them is already a feat in itself, and to do so in their turf is even more impressive. It’s also an important win too, as US teams haven’t had a win in any tournament ever since Team SoloWin’s victory last October 2015.


CSGO Skins: Back On The Map

But not only did Cloud9 just weave throughout the entirety of the competition until they landed into the championship; they performed amazingly and amazingly consistently throughout the competition, as they also landed first place in the North American leg of the competition. And when it came to the playoffs, they were able to beat both OpTic Gaming and Mousesports, and eventually head on to the finals, ultimately defeating SK Gaming for the top spot and the cash reward.

This win is more than just about C9 getting the trophy, CSGO skins, bragging rights, and any other perks that come along with it, as it’s just as much as putting North American CSGO teams back onto the map – something that hasn’t been done since the European takeover. Indeed, Jake of C9 is right: the team is definitely not a waste of slot.

Once again, congratulations to C9 for winning the ESL Pro League Season 4. May they continue to champion not only their team but also their region. May they not only earn more CSGO skins, but also have more of the stuff named after the team.