CSGO Skins: Airtime Crackshot?

The bunny-hop has been a long-accepted maneuver and strategy in CSGO. This seemingly simple but actually elaborate move has been used in jumping (pun intended) your enemies to a surprise, and as a way to not get hit. After all, it’s quite difficult to accurately point to and follow an enemy that suddenly shot up into the air. But just like all actions, jumping and bunny-hopping have a consequence, and that’d be loss of accuracy. Because no matter what your gun is, and regardless of whether it has CSGO skins or not, it’s naturally less accurate when you’re in midair. But apparently, Valve has made a few tweaks to the particular mechanic.

On the latest update for CSGO, one of the many things that have been adjusted, other than the CSGO skins, would be weapon accuracy while players are jumping, falling, and landing. As players jump, their weapons become less accurate. But once they reach the height of the jump, the weapon becomes as accurate as it would be on the ground. Falling, however, makes the weapon inaccurate again, and so does landing. The update has made weapon accuracy equivalent to the speed the player is going at; the faster they are, the more accurate the weapon will be.

CSGO Skins: Jump and Shoot


So, what does this mean? Well, for one, this means that there is a small window of opportunity wherein all shots are going to be accurate, so it’d be best to keep firing until that window is open. In addition, this can be exploited; when you’re using weapons that tend to get inaccurate when sprayed, you get a bit of an accuracy boost by jumping instead of having to “reset” by stopping and resorting to “tapping” the trigger of your CSGO skins rifle. Because aside from getting a bit of an eagle-eye moment, you enemies  also get confused for a few moments, and you get to dodge their bullets.

Jumping in the middle of a firefight? With this update, you can no longer jump the gun and say that it’s a stupid move. In fact, you should be trying it out for yourself.

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