CSGO Skins – Quick AWP Tutorial on All Maps


AWP is one of the respected rifles in the counter strike series. It has been in existence since the first counter strike. And stayed with the same appearance until valve implemented cs go skins.

The mere existence of AWP can change both teams’ rotation. When there is an AWP, expect that there are certain spots that instantly kill a player.

Reminder: upon purchasing an AWP, it means the team is desperate to win, all team members are going to go all in. They will spend their last bit of dime.

CSGO Skins: How to Use the AWP


The AWPER feels pressure, an anvil anchored to the AWPER’s neck. You see, AWP is very expensive. Upon purchase, everybody expects the AWPER to kill a player or two.

AWP is a very accurate weapon, if the user is standing still. Notice that upon moving, the AWP’s crosshair is blurred, which signifies that it is inaccurate at the time. Therefore, don’t ever trigger the left click button when the crosshair is blurred!

Due to being considered as a very powerful rifle, the AWP was nerfed through increasing its cost and profit upon killing an opponent, reducing it from $300 to $100.

When to Use the AWP

Specifically, the AWP is used to defend a certain position. Example: a counter terrorist defending long A’s double doors in order to fend terrorist from entering bombsite A, a terrorist waiting for the bomb to explode while keeping counter terrorist away with his AWP. To put it simply, an AWP is a glass cannon, it is rarely used on offensive purposes. It is either a backup for the front lines or a defender.

When not to Use the AWP

If you have no extra money for grenade and a decent secondary weapon, do not use an AWP because an AWPER could easily be killed by two people rushing an AWPER.


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