CSGO Skins: Ban Wave Hit

If you think that life is unfair just because you don’t have snazzy CSGO skins, then that’s just the tip of the iceberg, because out there are CSGO players who cheat. Yes, despite tight security protocols, people have been able to use cheats on Valve’s military FPS. But for these cheaters, their world just got a whole lot smaller and a lot fairer, because Valve’s Anti-Cheat system was able to catch quite a handful.

According to a story by Kotaku, around 11,000 people received the banhammer because they were caught by the Valve Anti-Cheat system. This particular ban wave has been one of the largest instances of VAC activity for 2016.


CSGO Skins: No Cheating

Valve Anti-Cheat is always active when it comes to searching for players who use cheats. But in this particular event, it seems as if the system has finally been able to catch previously undetectable cheats. Kotaku has even said that the report contains an image of “banned dickheads sobbing into the empty space where their knife collections once rested”.  And on top of having their CSGO accounts banned, The Steam inventories of banned players have also been frozen; that means theyt are unable to trade or sell items from their inventory for CSGO, of course, including CSGO skins.

In addition, there has been an indirect admission of a “large cheat provider” in a particular CSGO subreddit thread that his program wasn’t working as it should during that time. The thread also has players commenting about previously “good” cheats—basically cheats that VAC could not detect—who suddenly got hit by the banhammer and couldn’t get into the game.

But apparently, this ban wave is not only limited to CSGO, but also in DoTA 2. In fact, in that eleven thousand, only four thousand were CSGO cases, and the rest were from DoTA 2, as the Valve Anti-Cheat system doesn’t make much of a distinction between the two. Nevertheless, 4000 players is definitely not a number to scoff at.

CSGO is far from being cheater-free, but hey, there are now 4000 less cheaters, therefore less chances that you’ll encounter one of them. Now you can go back to sulking over not having cool CSGO skins.

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