Betting Guide for CS:GO skins Collectors Part 3


Here is an overview about the top team in counter strike global offensive. We are not going to thoroughly analyze what they are capable of. Simply, we are going to take a quick view about each team’s construction: who are the players, players’ roles, and some simple analysis about their gameplay, and strategies.

We have determined the best teams through their popularity, not on their actual capability. But they are not going to be popular if they are not good. Overall, popularity is a good basis.

How to Bet for CS:GO skins Collectors: Fnatic

Fnatic is currently a top 4 team in the world through points. If skilled we are going to measure their capability, without doubt they are the best team in the world. Fnatic has won many tournaments than any other best teams around the world.

Fnatic is based on Europe. Wherein, most of their team members are European. They have one of the best AWPERS in the game.

Fnatic had a controversy in their match against the aggressive French team – titan esports. They have abused a glitch in the counter terrorist spawn, where 2 players will help a player, specifically the AWPER to get to a very high position, a position enabling him to snipe the enemy team without being spotted. Additionally, it gave them information about where the enemy team is headed.

This has been a huge scandal in the counter strike global offensive tournament, making some fans hate fnatic.

How to Bet for CS:GO skins Collectors: TSM

Team solo mid is the number one team through points. It means that they practice a lot. But they are still having a hard time against fnatic, and other top teams in the world.

Team solo mid is one of those teams that being crushed by the underdogs. Probably, they underestimate the worst teams, resulting into beating team.

How to Bet for CS:GO skins Collectors: NiP

Ninjas in pajamas used to be the best team in counter strike global offensive in the world. Player’s standards rises, the same goes with the teams, as a result, their past players did not manage to adopt, and stopped becoming the best team.


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