CSGO Skins: Cobblestone Part 2

We’re back to Cobblestone, and this time we’ll be covering more tips for CTs. Hopefully with these tips, you get to rake even more CSGO skins.

When we last left off, we were talking about defending Bombsite A, so now let’s go to Bombsite B. In the previous post, we recommended having only one player left at Bombsite A. If you follow that advice, then you can employ a tougher and more creative defensive strategy, in a sense that it’s not only tighter, but also more difficult to counter.

Have one player throw a smoke grenade near the exit of Long B, as it’s a rather popular point of entry for a lot of Terrorists. This buys time for your team as the opposing team would have their entry delayed. And for an additional delaying effect, you (or your teammate) can also throw a molotov and a flashbang as well.


CSGO Skins: Grenades And Tight Spaces

You can also go into the drop room and stop their advances midway. Or better yet: if all the Terrorists are pushing for Bombsite B, then have the guy at Bombsite A come over and get them from behind. If you want to go for the former, which means going at it yourself, then you should have a smoke grenade and a flashbang with you, as the small spaces can leave you as vulnerable to a surprise attack as they are. But if you choose to delegate this particular task to another teammate, then you and the other remaining team members should be guarding the exit of the connector, as well as that of the B main. This way, you’d be able to take out all possible threats before they can even plant.

But in case you don’t trust your team to pull of this maneuver, have one (or yourself) sit on a concealed spot near the bombsite itself.

Hopefully, as a CT, this was able to help you win games in Cobblestone and earn CSGO skins. But don’t go just yet, because next up, we’ll be teaching you how to bomb the place up as a Terrorist.

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