CSGO Skins: Cobblestone Tips Part 1

Cobblestone isn’t exactly the most popular CSGO map there is, but it’s nevertheless a commonly played one. So that you won’t be taken by surprise in case you encounter this – as well as win a few CSGO skins – here are a few tips you should follow.

For this installment of the guide, we’ll cover the CTs, as it’s the team that got a map advantage, considering that their base is so close to Bombsite A and B as compared to the Terrorists’. But just because they have the upper ground doesn’t mean victory is assured.

Given that this is a Bomb Scenario, it’s obvious what CTs must do: ensure that Terrorists won’t be able to plant the bomb on either site, or at least defuse it. And for Cobblestone, it’s Bombsite B that gets most of the action, as it’s the one that’s farther away from the CT base, and they got a bit of the element of surprise in there because of the tunnels; it’s easier to go from B to A in case something goes wrong – which is not the case the other way around; and it’s easier to isolate players from the opposing team with smoke grenades in this particular part of the map.


CSGO Skins: 4 On 1

Because of this norm, it’s a must for CT teams to send four players to Bombsite B, and one to be left guarding A. It’s a lot more than usual 3-2 split, but that’s because almost no Terrorist team goes for Bombsite A right from the start.

That, however, doesn’t mean the single person on Bombsite A isn’t going to just check out his CSGO skins until some hostiles arrive. Rather, he or she is in charge of guarding the place. And the best way to do this is to sit on the CT ramp, long A or stairs as he or she watches out for flashes, footsteps, or smoke. And should he or she not encounter anyone and instead receive a distress call from those in Bombsite B, it’s his or her job to respond.

These are just some of the many tips for CTs to come. So hold on to your M4s with CSGO skins, because there will be a few more to come.