CSGO Skins – CSGO Theory: What Happened to de_dust1?


De_dust1 still exists in counter strike global offensive, but de_dust1 is not a standard map during tournaments such as IEM. Is it unbalanced? Is it way too small for strategy rotations? Or the community simply hates it?

De_dust1 is a good map. It is a map full of memories. If the map is unbalanced, the developers could simply revamp the map. Instead, they threw it out of competition like a trash.

CSGO Skins: Bombsite A and B


Terrorists are at disadvantage at de_dust1. There are two bombsites: bombsite A (the usual spot) and bombsite B (at counter terrorist spawn). Bombsite B is out of the choice because counter terrorist can guard bombsite B with ease. Wherein, it is a long run when coming from the middle, the back passage towards bombsite B is a common spot of an AWPER, which eliminate bombsite B as a choice. Therefore, it is easy to predict the terrorist’s movements. Most of the time, they are running towards bombsite A. Bombsite A is constricted. It has two paths: the short one (near the double doors) and the long one (directly at bombsite A). Wherein, the short one is guarded by AWPER, while the long one is heavily guarded by counter terrorist, which leaves terrorist with no other option.

We sometimes wish that there are also cs go skins for bombs.

Other Routes

The underpass is not viable. The terrorist cannot snipe the counter terrorist’s AWPER at the nest due to the stacked box. If they continue their venture, someone is going to get picked up by the AWPER. After a time, counter terrorist has acquired valuable information that terrorist are coming at the underpass, which means that their plan is to take bombsite B.


De_dust1 is marked as unbalanced map. Therefore, it is rarely used in competitive matches and never in official tournaments.


Discuss what you think about banning de_dust1 with csgo skins collectors.

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