CSGO Skins – Desert Eagle Review Part 3


Actually, this is not a review. This is an article to destroy the desert eagle completely.

Desert eagle is like an eagle without its beak. It could fly, and function like another bird, but could not function better than other birds.

However, Desert eagle is one of the good looking guns with cool cs go skins in the game

In this article, we are going to talk about why players stopped using desert eagle, even though it used to be one of the best pistols in counter strike history

CSGO skins: Headshot Kills Everything


In a match between good players, 100% they will not use desert eagle in the pistol round, except if they are confident running in the battlefield with just desert eagle in hand.

In the pistol round, any pistol will kill a player through headshot, which makes desert eagle inferior to other pistols, as other pistol has better accuracy that allows players to aim at the head with ease.

In an economy round, desert eagle could work better than submachine guns, in long range shootouts. However, in close range, desert eagle is total garbage against submachine guns. It is like being drilled.


There are lots of pistols cheaper than desert eagle. Glock or the p2000 could outclass the desert eagle, not in overall damage, but in utility and accuracy.

However, desert eagle is cheaper than submachine guns which make it a viable gun in economy rounds.


A certain pistol actually killed desert eagle’s existence – r8 revolver from the winter’s update. Comparatively, the result is blunt. It is like comparing planet Earth against Jupiter and Saturn. In terms of firepower, accuracy, R8 revolver completely outclasses desert eagle. The only difference is that desert eagle does not have delay, it can be fired faster than R8 revolver, but what difference does it make? True, it can be fired faster, but can a player actually hit with that kind of rate of fire using desert eagle?


Discuss what you think about desert eagle with csgo skins collectors.

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