Economy Guide for CS:GO skins Collectors Part 1


What do you think of counter strike global offensive? It is a game where you buy a gun, and kill enemies with it. Yes, correct, but there is more to buying and killing enemies. CS:GO has an economy. It is a game factor, commonly disregarded by budding CS:GO skins collectors/players.

In this article we are going to talk about how economy works in CS:GO. It is not a complex, you just have to get used to it.

We are going to talk about the money for buying guns not the money for cs skins.

Economy Guide for CS:GO skins Collectors: the Money

Basically, it depends on the weapon’s popularity and overall advantages. If the weapon is strong, it is expensive and it has a low money reward when you kill someone with it. A good example is the AWP sniper rifle. The sniper rifle instantly kills a player with one shot, except on the legs. Furthermore, a sniper rifle is capable of hitting opponents in long range and also in close range, which makes it over powered. Therefore, the ‘developers’ nerfed the weapon through making it expensive, it won’t give much reward, and has a huge penalty when the user is killed.

The same goes to other weapons, the weaker the weapon the higher the reward.

Economy Guide for CS:GO skins Collectors: the Pistols

If the weapon is weak, then, why is it that when a pistol kills someone, it gives no reward at all? Basically, pistols are secondary weapon, and you start with pistol every round. Everybody has pistol. There are lots of situations where, a person uses AK-47, but unfortunately, it didn’t manage to kill someone with 30 bullets, and the person switches to pistol and finish the job. Pistols are cheap, but everybody has access to it.

Economy Guide for CS:GO skins Collectors: Conclusion

The economy does not much play a huge factor during casual games, as it is completely being ignored by players. Players are like “I’ll buy whatever weapon I want!” Yes, sure, but in competitive matches, it is different, which is going to be discussed in the next part of this article.


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