Economy Guide for CS:GO skins Collectors Part 6


In the previous part, we dissected the factors and essential economy strategies to be considered in the third round. The third round is also an economy round, but depending on the other team. It is a round that can become serious.

Third round is a mind game. The losing team is capable of fluctuating the team’s economy through spending all their money very early during the third round, and it will surprise the other team.

In this part, we are going to tackle the fourth round.

Economy Guide for CS:GO skins Collectors: Fourth Round

In the fourth round, considering that a team didn’t fluctuate the economy, players of both teams will be spending all their capital for weapons, armors, grenades, and utilities. Fourth round is where both teams are desperate to win, a battlefield, scattered weapons of dead players are all around the map, finding that it will disappear next round is a waste.

Capabilities of players are shown in the fourth round. A player can’t use the lack of equipment as a scapegoat to hide their flaw. All players have their own desired weapons, weapons that practiced thoroughly through the years of playing, and collecting cs:go skins.

Economy Guide for CS:GO skins Collectors: the Beginning

The first three rounds of the game is just a warm-up. Round one to three are just test rounds. Players are not even with their best weapons. Pistols, sub machine gun, or even shotgun, for the sake of earning money and manipulating economy to their utmost efforts.

Economy Guide CS:GO skins Collectors: Full Buy

Players are buying their respective ak-47, m4a1, and other high end weapons. On the counter terrorist’s side, they will be probably getting defuse kits.

Helmet is useless in this round. Since people are using high end weapons, even if a player is wearing helmet, ak-47 is a guaranteed instant kill when aimed at the opponent’s head. On the counter terrorist’s side, they are capable of buying armor without helmet, which is economically a huge advantage against terrorists. Terrorist cannot buy armor only; they have to buy both armor and helmet.


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