Economy Guide for CS:GO skins Collector Part 4


In the previous article we focused on first round – pistol round. Players in the first round are not wearing armor or helmets. P2000 or even glocks are capable of instant kill when aimed at the head. In the first round, it is all skill or probably not.

In this part, we are going to discuss the second round. It is also a crucial round. This round is all about maintaining the advantage, and recovering from the disadvantage

Economy Guide for CS:GO skins Collectors: Second Round

Second round is where a winner or loser from the first round has an opportunity to snowball or regain the cons. This round is not an all in round. Players are still conserving money, manipulating the game’s economy. Expect players are still craving for ak-47 or M4A1, even AWP sniper rifle. But they simply can’t, because it is risky to obtain a powerful weapon, early in the game. It is like giving an opportunity for the enemy to obtain a high end weapon during the early game. When it happened, whether your team has the upper hand or not, you are giving them free high end weapon if you are winning, and digging your own grave if you are losing.

Economy Guide for CS:GO skins Collectors: Economy Round

Sub machine guns, shotguns, and powerful pistols – such as desert eagles are very common in this round.

Shotguns provide bonus money if a player killed someone with it. Again, this round is economy round. Players are striving to take control of the economy. Extra money from killing someone with a shotgun is a huge advantage, as getting the extra money means extra armor, diffuse kits, and stuff.

Economy Guide for CS:GO skins Collectors: CT/T – Win? / Lose?

If you are a counter terrorist and lose a round, then, in the next round, buy another economy weapon and purchase body armor, without helmet. Counter terrorists are capable of buying the armor without helmet, as the terrorist cannot. The terrorist are only capable of buying both armor and helmet at once. If you won maintain the snowball and prepare for the fourth round.

If you are a terrorist and lose a round, then, consider planting your bomb no matter what happens, as it gives extra money.


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