CSGO Skins and Gaming Mouse Discussion


Like cs go skins, gaming mice are purely aesthetic.

We see professional player play using these cool gaming mice with LED lights, glowing bright with transition of different colors. Players are attracted to it – the transition of colors. Do we need to buy a gaming mouse just for its aesthetic feature? Of course not! Our main objective is to get the best hardware out there that will improve our gameplay or may unleash a person’s full potential on a game. Wherein, being able to play at top condition.

CSGO Skins: Marketing

Whenever there is an attractive gaming mouse, full of lights, and changing colors overtime. We have to accept the fact that it is marketing. They made mice with fine aesthetic designs in order for casual players to buy it, not for the sake of improving performance, but for aesthetic purposes, while the performance of the mouse is almost the same as ordinary/office mouse with just several buttons on its side.

Dots per Minute


What is ‘dots per minute’? Gaming hardware company always tend to brag about their mice maximum DPI. Basically, ‘dots per minute’ has similarity with sensitivity but it is an entirely different thing. Sensitivity revolves around the movement of the mouse itself, while ‘dots per minute’ is about the measurement of that movement.

Every mouse has its own dots per minute. However, in the case of ordinary/office mouse, their DPI is fixed. Unlike, gaming mouse which can be customized with the software that comes with it.

Is Gaming Mouse Worth It?

It entirely depends on the game. For first person shooting games, a casual gamer could use an ordinary mouse, but for more complex mouse sensitivity go for a gaming mouse, as it is capable on changing its dots per minute.

For strategy games, gaming mouse is not an ideal. Any kind of mouse will work on strategy games. Professional strategy players use their mouse because of the sponsor. Without the sponsor, they might be better with an ordinary mouse.


Discuss what you think about gaming mouse and ordinary mouse with csgo skins collectors