CSGO Skins: Get Tossed

Throwing and catching guns, especially if it has CSGO skins, isn’t exactly a wise move in CSGO, as it can get you in a very vulnerable position. But in certain cases, doing so leads to victory. This, however, has been rarely done, even by pro players, so it’s still not an advisable move. Still, if done during the right circumstances, it’s a surprisingly impressive feat, and more surprisingly an effective one, so anyone who plays CSGO should definitely see it.

The first example of a good gun throw, which is also one of the few times this has been done in the competitive scene, was done by NaVi’s Simple. Of all the possible times he could’ve done the risky move, it had to be during the semi-finals of ESL One New York, as he’s up against Team Liquid, his former teammates, of all people.

CSGO Skins Tossed Right

In a 1v1 situation versus Team Liquid’s Nitro, who had a big advantage over him because he’s already planted the bomb, and Simple is still outside an already smoked bombsite. To serve as a distraction so that he can both get in safely and take out Liquid’s sole survivor, he tossed his teammate flamie’s Dragon Lore AWP CSGO skins over the low and broken part of the bombsite wall. This caught Nitro off-guard, letting Simple take him out with his pistol, and after that he proceeded to successfully defuse the bomb.

On the other hand, Spencer “Hiko” Martin of Team Liquid did the catching, and it was a perfect one. And although it was just done on a Twitch stream and not on an official game, it’s an amazing feat nevertheless.

While Hiko just got to terrace area near the double doors, his teammate tossed him a Desert Eagle with CSGO skins, which he instantly caught and used to shoot the Terrorist coming out of the double doors. It’s probably not something Hiko is going to use in a pro game. But hey, pro game or not, competitive or casual, incredible will always be incredible.

It’s definitely not widely accepted strategy, but if it works at the time, then it does. But be careful though, because throw your CSGO skins guns wrong and you’ll be in heaps of trouble.

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