Collection of CSGO Skins and Getting Knifed


Getting knifed, what is it a big deal? The big deal is getting killed by a knife with customized cs go skins.

In tournaments, it is not headshots that make the crowd crazy. It is someone being knifed. But, why is that? Headshots seem more amazing than knifing. When someone scored a headshot, the crowd has monotonous reaction. It is like the most normal occurrence in the world. But when someone got knifed, the crowd shouts on the top of their lungs.


CSGO Skins – Technical Reason

Most of the time, the knife is just a running tool. It is something to equip when the player wants to increase his movement speed.

The knife is considered as weakest weapon in the game due to its short range capability.

Economy is a huge factor in counter strike. Wherein, killing someone with a knife gives additional money than a gun. It is a risky course of action, but professional players are willing to bet their life for additional money.


Knifing is kind of personal. It is a non-verbal cue of saying “you’re dumb. I’m the better player” Of course, the one who got knifed has to respond through a knife. It is like a challenge. If the player who got knifed did not manage to knife his killer at the match’s conclusion, it proves superiority. Even if the team won, it is personally a lost. However, getting killed by a knife does not mean that the other person is better. It is a mistake done by the one who got knifed. He did not exploit the right course of action at the time, while the killer only did is to run straight forward and press ‘right-cllick.’

Getting knifed is emotionally frustrating, especially if the player who manages to kill someone with a knife is underrated.

Knife Collections

Since knifing is a big deal, developers of counter strike global offensive designed various kinds of knife to commemorate, celebrate the life and death who got knifed.


Discuss what you think about the technical reason and emotional impact of being knifed with csgo skins collectors.