CS:GO Skins – Icarus Fell, Poseidon, and Medusa in Gods and Monsters

Excited for the new skins, weapons, and maps the come with the updates? Well, good news! In this article, three of the coolest weapon skins from the Gods and Monsters collection will be featured—namely the M4A1-S Icarus Fell, the M4A4 Poseidon, and the AWP Medusa. Do note that the availability of skins from the collection is currently restricted to operation pass users from the ongoing operation.

CS:GO Skins Overview: Gods and Monsters Collection

The Gods and Monsters collection is an exclusive weapon collection introduced as part of Operation Bloodhound, true to its name as it is based off of ancient Greek mythology.

CS:GO Skins – M4A1-S Icarus Fell

cs skins icarus

“Turner’s betrayal is my failure… I have to make this right.”

Released during the Operation Bloodhound as a variation to the M4A1-S, Icarus Fell features an image of a blue sun with feathers and what appears to be melted wax, surrounding it in a fractal-like pattern. Icarus Fell will surely be an attention-grabbing item in the market as its hydrographic base changes from gun to gun and the placement of the hydrographic is different between each M4—simply put, the amount of sun, wax, and feathers will differ from one M4 to the next. According the item’s details, only Factory New and Minimal Wear are available for Icarus Fell. Just like the Knight M4A1-S, Minimal Wear will be considered as “rare”, but most likely the less desirable M4 variation. Although considered a Restricted Rifle, its popularity will surely keep it a valuable M4A1-S for any CS:GO items trader.


  • Silencer is available
  • More accurate when moving
  • Better recoil control
  • No tracers if the silencer is attached
  • Less damage falloff


  • Smaller magazine and less reserve ammo
  • Greater length with a silencer attached
  • More expensive than the M4A4

CS:GO Skins – AWP Medusa

cs skins medusa

“If you can see me, you’re already dead.”

The AWP Medusa, introduced in the Operation Bloodhound update, and is a part of the Gods and Monsters collection. The AWP Medusa is one of the few secret cs skins that can be dropped in-game. The Medusa looks quite similar in terms of the wear pattern to the Hyper Beast Collection, whereas the colors become less vibrant as compared to becoming scratched and worn.


  • Deals fatal damage
  • Has a high penetration power
  • Very accurate at long range


  • Low rate of fire
  • Long reload time
  • Very loud firing sound
  • Heavy weight
  • Very expensive
  • Low kill reward
  • Very inaccurate without scope or when mobile
  • Less accurate if fired right after cycling the bolt

CS:GO Skins – M4A4 Poseidon

cs skins poseidon

“Three can keep a secret if two of them are dead.”

The M4A4 Poseidon is also a part of the Gods and Monsters Collection that was released during Operation Bloodhound. It is the only classified weapon of the collection which seems to have a similar rarity complex as the Cobblestone Collection. The M4A4 Poseidon has a sleek finish with a depiction of Poseidon in the midst of battle with two sea serpents.


  • Larger magazine and more reserve ammo than the M4A1-S
  • Shorter length compared to the M4A1-S with a silencer
  • Less expensive compared to the M4A1-S


  • No attachable silencer
  • Less accurate when moving
  • More damage falloff
  • Worse recoil control

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