CSGO Skins: Griefers Be Gone

Sometimes, in a CSGO game, there will always be those players whose purpose isn’t to play – regardless of how good they may be – but to piss to equally piss their enemies and teammates off. There’s actually a term for this kind of online lowlives: griefers. These players, who sometimes have snazzy CSGO skins, give a headache to everyone sharing the same session as they are. And the worst part? Valve’s doing nothing regarding these people. That, however, has finally changed.

As stated in the latest CSGO update, griefers who will commit a second offense will be permanently banned.  Through the community-run tool Overwatch (which has nothing to do in anyway whatsoever to the Blizzard FPS of the same name), which is used to judge players’ unwanted behavior, select players can watch replays of those who have been reported to engage in bad behavior, and at the same time exact penalties that are proportional to the offense.


CSGO Skins: Good Griefer

“Suspects who are convicted of griefing are given a moderate cooldown, whereas cheaters are removed from the game entirely,”  according to the CS:GO Overwatch FAQ. Those in control, however, has changed since the update, not to mention that the punishment has become much harsher. For first-time offenders of griefing, they get a cooldown. But now repeat offenders get a banhammer – a punishment that was once reserved to cheaters.

While this is a welcome development for a lot of players, some players are not too happy about – and strangely but understandably so. One has even expressed his displeasure on the CS:GO subreddit, but not a lot of people share the same sentiment, as less griefers in the game is obviously and generally a good thing.

The drawback to this, however, is that those who will be having a false positive charge is going to go through a lot of hassle. No competitive games, no CSGO skins. But between this and a completely unscrupulous punishment for griefers, this one is definitely far better.

So, what do you think of this new rule when it comes to griefing? Tell us in the comments below.