Difference between CSGO and CS Source: Facts for CS:GO skins Collectors

CS:GO skins-cs-skins-cs:go-items-cs:go-vs-css

Both games are different, yet very similar too. We are not going to debate which one’s better. We are going to focus on the distinction.

Some players like counter strike global offensive over counterstrike source, probably because of the game’s unique features.

Counter strike global offensive was released on 2012. As a result, it has the upper hand on user interface and graphics. Due to advanced game developing software is released.

On the other hand counter strike source was released way back on 2004, which inferior compared to counter strike global offensive.

The argument starts at CSGO having advantage over graphics, but people say CSS have better game play.

This article will dive deeper within the difference between counter strike global offensive and counter strike source.CSGO skins-cs-skins-csgo-items-csgo-vs-css

Facts for CS:GO skins Collectors: Counter Strike Global Offensive

In terms of society’s chemical reaction in the game, speedsters (people who are in favor of the advancement) would probably pick counter strike global offensive, because they simply want to play the updated version of counter strike, without contemplating which one is better between the two.

If you are on competitive game play, counter strike global offensive is probably the right version for you. Counter strike global offensive has tournaments across the whole world, which counter strike source does not have. Since it is the latest version, the community chooses CS:GO as the platform for competition.

Facts for CS:GO skins Collectors: Counter Strike Source

Laggards would choose counter strike source, the game is familiar and people say that CSS has the better game play and mechanics than CSGO. According to the community, CSGO’s recoil is not consistent and not realistic; it might be hard for some or easy for few.

Facts for CS:GO skins Collectors: Conclusion

So, which one is better? The answer is indefinite. If playing with friends, counter strike source is the better. It is a universal version of counter strike, which can work from low spec pc to high spec pc, while CSGO has the better graphics, but requires higher requirements.

If playing alone, counter strike global offensive is the version for you. CSGO is not free to play, a purchase is required. It excludes toxic players through pay to play. And online game play is much more stable than CSS; decent ping is expected in CSGO.

CS:GO skins are what make the game cool. Cs skins are for tedious players, tired from seeing the same equipment every time. The downside is some csgo items are obtained through gambling.