How not to Play with your CSGO Skins Collector


Trolls never buy cs go skins for just the sake of trolling

Things that you are doing since you started playing CSGO with your CSGO Skins collector. There are times that we are forcing what we are used to but we are ending up the wrong things we used to. Well, here are some of the things you might be doing right but it is totally wrong.



Things you Do Wrong which you know Right in CSGO Skins

Here are some of the things you might have done right but it is totally wrong;

  • Playing Sniper but charging in to the enemy base alone – well, this kind of activity is somehow common for the players who wants to prove themselves good. Most of the players do the “360 No-Scope” thingy to impress themselves as they play the game. Some can do this successfully but some of the players fail and ending up dying often.
  • Bringing Low damaging pistols – in playing with pistol, you should bring a primary weapon with the ability to stand after you play with your pistol.
  • Shotgun in knives – If you play with your friends told you that in the final match they want to play with knives always bring your SHOT GUN to troll your friends. HAHAHA! In this kind of gameplay you will enjoy as you troll your friends with your SHOT GUN in a knife play.
  • Killing your team mates – in this attitude of gaming you are usually kicked because you kill your teammates.

Players in Playing Multiplayer

It is a big world. There are good and bad players.

Once you’ve get your attitude corrected or the entire bad mood and bad luck do the things you usually do again. Well this means play troll again as you play CSGO. Imagine that you play troll with your friends or in the normal match.

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